Let’s look at Earth Day!🌏

🌍22 April is the Earth Day, but do you know how Earth Day came?🌏

The first Earth Day originated in the United States, on April 22, 1970, more than 20 million people participated in environmental protection.

On April 22, 1990. The 20th Earth Day, 140 countries around the world called for improvements in the overall global environment, and this activity was approve by the United Nations.

🌏What can we do for the Earth Day?🌍

  • Recycle the things that you don’t need anymore, it’s better than you throw them anywhere.
  • Use less transportation, walk a little be more.
  • Turning off the light when you leave a room or house.
  • Plant trees and flowers.
  • Save water, do not wests them.
  • ………

My Experience on visiting others blog🌟

✨Did it inspire you?
Absolutely yes, they all have different very special format, theme, and a few things, it is very interesting.

🌈Did you see any cool designs or posts and what were they?
I saw these two are have very good theme and designs, the link is https://hannah2082025.edublogs.org/ and https://1girlonfire.edublogs.org/ I like their blog style.

💫Were you surprised by anything and WMYST?
I surprised by they all made their blog are very colourful but someone just have a page. WMYST: I thought that we all need to post a blog or something.


The Link:



About me!

✨My name is Elina✨

🍡I am in Australia but I am born in China🍡

🌈I am 12 years old and I am in year six🌈

🌟I like drawing, especially the anime, playing sports especially tennis and lacrosse, and also dancing.🌟

Commenting guidlines

👍=Very Helpful   👌=Sort of helpful     👎=No helpful

The first post: It is no very helpful, I felt his/her comment to read is difficult to understand it is very casual, so I think is 👎

The second post: This comment I think is more helpful, because the person said Dear something is more respect. Also, the person said what he/she wants to do and write the correct punctuation, words. So this is 👍

The third post: This comment looks helpful because it makes you read friendly and told people when she gives back and what she does also asked others if they want to borrow. It is a very good comment 👍

The fourth post: It is no helpful comment, there have many words spelled wrong and I think it didn’t talk about the comment of  author’s things, so it is 👎

The fifth post: I think this comment is helpful because it is quite polite and said what he thinks of opinions and thanked the author for sharing photos it is a good way to comment 👍

The sixth post: This is a weird comment, the sentence is messy and it’s let me confusing😶, so I think is 👎

The seventh post: This comment is a very simple comment but that is no that bad, so 👌

The eighth post: This comment look had no wrong things or words and I think is 👍

200 words writing challenge

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mary, she lives in the village. There was a forest near the village, adults always said do not go into the forest, because they said there have monsters inside and often hear strange sounds. Mary is curious about everything, even though very scare things or strange things she still wants to know. She has long been curious about the forest, so she decided to explore. Morning arrived, but the sky seems foggy. Mary walked into the forest, she is very careful and slow. Suddenly, a black shadow walked quickly from the tree to another tree. After a while,  the strange sound appears. Mary was a little scared, her body was shaking. She found the black shadow keep staring at her, Mary summoned the courage and walked over. Finally, she saw a black and dirty cat stand there keep calling, Mary walked up to it and hugged it safely and keep stroking it, then went home happily. But a pair of bright eyes in the thick grass kept looking at Mary’s back until she goes away……

Photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash